My name is Antti and I am a video creator based in Tampere, Finland.


My passion in to create videos around music.


I started out with creating drumcam videos and I am still running a popular youtube channel dedicated to bringing drummers to the front. Besides filming drummers, shooting live video of a band playing makes my heart tick.


I strongly believe that being able to convey those feelings and intensity of a live performance through video, is a key thing for bands and artists to attract new people to come to their shows. That’s where I can bring you value.


You can expect me to deliver you the whole package. I’ll handle the planning, shooting, audio, colors, mixing and editing.


Whether you need a live video to promote an upcoming tour with your band, are eager to nail that endorsment deal and need proper footage to showcase your work, or maybe want to make a documentary/behind the scenes film, I can make it happen.Fill in the contact form and I will get back to you.


On this website you can find a collection of my previous projects and read about them and in the blog.


Looking forward to hear from you!